A little help for the skippers

A month before the start of the Vendée Globe, why not help the skippers in their quest to make sure they get the most from the last few weeks ashore, and make sure they don’t forget to do anything before they go?

Skippers conf 260912
© Vincent Curutchet / Dark Frame / DPPI

- Set Sky+ for the F1 Grand Prix, Match of the Day, X-Factor, The Thick of It

- Cut the grass, give instructions to the gardener

- Long walks in the autumn countryside, stay away from the sea

- Saturday morning swimming with the children

- Write….Dear Santa….’For Christmas I’d like to be leading the Vendee Globe by 500 miles, please

- Look out my lucky pants, they must be somewhere

- Work on the final playlists of music, books…is '50 Shades of Grey really what I want to be reading in the big south?'

- Go to the pub

- Have long baths

- Lots of fresh coffee and donuts


Of course this list is not complete, join us on Facebook and make your suggestions.

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