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Bertrand de Broc plans re-start tonight

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The Breton sailor’s quick repair to his hull should allow him to re-start about ten hours behind the fleet.  

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Trou dans la coque de Bertrand de Broc

Betrand de Broc, (Your Name Around the World with EDM Projects), will re-start the Vendée Globe at 11pm on Saturday night, almost ten hours after the official start. De Broc had to return due to a small hole in the hull of his boat, after a collision with one of his rigid inflatable support boats 25 minutes before the start. It is only a minor inconvenience for a man who had to stitch his own tongue back together while sailing south of Australia during the 1992-1993 Vendée Globe.

The repair to the hull was made in the pontoon and the only uncertainty will be ensuring that the repair is dry given the near constant rain since the start.

Although ten hours is not a lot in a three month race, de Broc is showing some urgency because if he does not leave by 3am, he will have to wait until 10am for the next tide. He will be comforted by the fact that Michel Desjoyeaux won the last edition in 2008-09 after re-starting forty hours behind the fleet.


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