Captain's log, A. Di Benedetto: " I can still feel some pain "

Alessandro au winch
© Alessandro Di Benedetto / Team Plastique

My rib is better but still, when it starts shaking hard, I need to be careful. By the end of the day, because I've had to move a lot, I can feel some pain, but it's ok.

It's hard to say what my precise ETA will be, I don't know yet. I want to be competitive and finish in less than 105 days, which is Thomas Coville's and Arnaud Boissières' respective race times with this boat. As of today, it looks like I could be finishing the race on the 19th or 20th of February. The 19th is my mother's birthday! But the weather situation is quite complicated, with large anticyclone areas, I'll have to find the right angle and route.

I've had quite a lot of wind, between 22 and 27 knots, and strong swell. I need to be careful and not let the boat crash on waves too much. As far as temperatures are concerned, it is between 25 and 26°C outside, and it's the same inside. Yesterday, I cooked two flying fish for lunch. I really enjoy cooking when sailing, especially when solo sailing, because it keeps me busy! I have to stay inside because there is water all over the deck all the time, and the boat is quite stable, so I take adavantage of the situation. But I do have to go out when there are stronger gusts and you need to manoeuvre, adjust sails or change heading.

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