Groupe Bel: Denis Horeau's reaction

15/09/2012 - Port Camargue (FRA,30) - Vendée Globe 2012 - Groupe Bel - Kito de Pavant - Entraînements***15/09/2012 - Port Camarg
© Gilles Martin-Raget - Groupe Bel

After finding out Kito de Pavant's Group Bel had been struck by a trawler, Race Director Denis Horeau shared some more information about the incident during the daily radio vac.

« We've already initiated the process to meet him in Cascais (Portugal), the first port on his way to Lisbon. There is no concern regarding Kito's safety but he will probably ave to retire officially over the next few hours. The AIS of the fishing boat that hit Groupe Bel may have been off when the accident happened but the information has not been confirmed yet. Needless to say, the AIS must be on in an area with as much traffic as west Portugal », he said.

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