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I have to say that for today, I have a couple of issues with the boat’s electronic and electric systems. The main issue is that my autopilot is not functioning the way it is supposed to, and it’s been like that since start day, so I can’t sail at speed at all. 

Besides, I made a wrong decision to go West. The autopilot issue is that it can’t keep to the true wind angle, which is essential in racing, so I am trying to fix it now (Note: it is switching from compass course to true wind and back). The next problem is with the keel operating system, so I can’t move the keel in a normal way when I need to correct the boat’s position. So that’s the next case I need to sort out.

And there is one more thing that is uncomfortable for our team – the media computer is not working at all, so I can’t upload any video or picture and send it from here. The only way to stay in touch is a phone line for now. It’s not good for my sleeping pattern either, as all these problems take a lot of time. It’s all quite tricky so I need to go through this low pressure area and later on, when the conditions improve, I think more fresh thoughts will come and help me deal with all this issues.

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The first three competitors are already moored up at the Vendée Globe pontoon. They are Nandor Fa, Rich Wilson and Arnaud Boissières
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