Captain's log, D. Wavre: "A shaken surfer"

Dominique Wavre - ATLANTIC SEA / SOUTH EQUATOR - 27/11/2012
© Dominique Wavre / Mirabaud

Squeaking, crashing, wailing, shaking... How promising this is for the Indian Ocean!

I've seen my first albatross today! Quite a dark one, probably a young one who hadn't been told that real life is south, in the big south!

Early this morning, my AIS alarm went off and a name appeared on my screen: "YU YAN Yang"... That was the name of the boat we were coming close to. I zoomed on that area and realized there were actually three ships. I used my binoculars and saw it was actually a factory-boat with two fishing boats hooked on it. They didn't answer my VHF calls and no one was watching on their boats, even though they were in the middle of nowhere. But it's ok, I don't speak Japanese or Korean anyway!

It looks like three other skippers chose the same route as I did. Of course it looks like the right one to me, but we'll see...

My schedule this morning included drinking coffee, listening to music and making a taped interview with the organisation team of the race. I didn't get to talk about the incredibly high ice gates that will make us sail north of the Kerguelen islands. I guess this year, sailing in the Indian Ocean will be a very different experience from what I'm used to.

We'll see about that later, right now let's focus on clearing Africa!

Your shaken surfer,

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