Captain's log, T. de Lamotte: " Crashing into a wave "

Tanguy De Lamotte 2712
© Tanguy de Lamotte / Initiatives-Coeur

Last night I rolled the reacher ater crashing into a wave, which splashed water all over the cockpit. I didn't want to experience the same thing by night. Waves are pretty violent and it's shaking a lot. An average speed of 16 knots under staysail and some good sleep are much better than 18 knots under reacher and the risk of breakig something.

I had two servings of Chinese noodles last night. Here are a few important things on Chinese noodles:

1- The more little bags of spice you have, the better

2- Do not break the noodles before putting them in the water (it would be as outrageous as breaking spaghetti!)

3- Boiling water and patience are necessary if you want to eat without burning your tongue

4- You need a fork for noodles AND a spoon for soup - unless you want to drink it diectly from the bowl, which is hard but doable - and this is it!

We're now 100 miles away from the East Australia gate ad we still have a 30-kno wind and a tough sea.

Have a nice day, you all!


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