Captain's log, A. Thomson: " The reefs are like my gears "

Alex Thomson HUGO BOSS
© Christophe Launay

I'm feeling a lot happier this morning, the wind is more consistent with none of the 40knot gusts of the last few days, and the seas are much better, less confused, and allowing me to surf down some waves which helps with maintaining good speeds. I've been doing some maintenance on my reefing lines today, the lines used to make the main sail smaller. It's important to keep checking them for chafe as the reefs are like my gears, and without them all functioning properly its like driving a car with only one gear!

The routing still has me rounding Cape Horn in early January so I'll be seeing in the New Year in the Pacific, crossing back into the Atlantic early in 2013.

Thanks for all the messages over the past week, around Christmas and especially when the conditions are so harsh it's a real boost to hear from everyone on dry land!"

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