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Problems with the virtual race, analysis and ongoing repairs

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At the 20:00GMT wind update on 14th November, the www.virtualregatta.com site experienced a sudden failure.During this time, it was not possible for players to connect to their boat/ The game was available again just after midnight.

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The whole team is working hard day and night, to analyse the situation to make the necessary corrections.

The "Protest Committee", composed equally of experienced players and staff members, met on the evening of November 14th 11:57 p.m. CET, 22:57 GMT, to analyse the problems encountered in the virtual race and study the various possible solutions.

The committee will meet again today at 14.00 CET / 13:00 GMT to examine the impact on the entire fleet due to the access difficulties on the evening of 14/10/2012. A summary of the discussion and the decisions reached will be broadcast on all our means of communication after the meeting.

We offer our sincere apologies to all those who wanted to connect last night. We are unhappy about the service failure, which, like all the perils of the sea are difficult everyone concerned. Like the sea, this has been unpredictable and difficult to deal with but the the team of Virtual Regatta has “all hands on deck” to ensure that this situation will not happen again.

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