Virtual Regatta : the decision of the race committee


The Protest Committee met today to analyse the availability of the game between 20:00 and midnight on November 14. The Committee is composed of Virtual Regatta players and staff members in equal proportion.

The Committee reviewed the following:

  • the time the site was unavailable and its impact
  • the length of the race already run and the time remaining
  • the number of players involved
  • different possible solutions

First, the Committee discussed the possibility of a restart or roll back. It was considered that some players had developed a long-term strategy based on wind forecasts several days in advance. Others had programmed their boats in advance or had changed the course of their boats before 20:00CET / 19:00GMT as a precaution and were not impacted.

Many players had made considerable effort to be in the position they had reached and did not suffer any impact and a restart of the race would undermine these players. Similarly, a rollback, but with real wind data, would also disadvantage those who had worked to a long term strategy based on weather data.

Accordingly, the Committee decided that it would not restart the race.

The Committee then considered compensation for players. The Committee took into consideration that players were disappointed, frustrated or angry. However, the role of the committee is to find a fair solution for the greatest number of players. It has been estimated that the provision of compensation would be unfair to the players already equipped.

In conclusion, the Committee decided that there was no way to offer fair compensation.

Considering all these factors, the committee found that no provision would compensate all participants equally. However it is not normal that no action is taken.

It was therefore decided to recommend to Many Players that a charitable donation is made towards a sea-based charity in recognition of the loyalty of the players.

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