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Virtual Regatta : West is best!

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We thought as much: the wind change last night favoured to the boats west within the fleet.

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The group lead by Hurricane and including Ondazul BRA NA, Ultimate Victory, LastHope and Bobbarouf had a fast trip south during the night and this is likely to continue during today.

Still in the lead are Kerbebe,  Axelou furtif and Traban155 TPN who have followed the African coast up to Mauritania, and they have now been joined by Dar_bob_63_zegluj and Windsurfer-34 amongst others. It’s unlikely that these boats will remain in the lead much longer however, as the winds are weakening even if things look reasonable for them to Dakar.

However it’s the central fleet who look most vulnerable today. The light winds are moving east which will slow them all down. Watch out for some serious new contenders - NShar, Marchabob ZedstarGD who have managed to sneak around the edge of this  light wind for today. But soon, decisions will need to be made about Cape Verde...

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