Weather bulletin of the 20th November 2012.

Weather analysis for the 20th November 2012 at 00 UTC.
© Météo France

General synopsis by  November20, 2012 at 00h UTC :
Ridge 1020 hPa along 28N40W to CASABLANCA, moving south and weakening, along 27N30W to Canarias at 21/00 UTC.
High 1029 hPa 41N49W, moving quickly southeast expected 1027 hPa 36N39W at 20/12 UTC then 1027 hPa 35N24W at 21/12 UTC.
Cold front over north areas, along 30N37W 40N18W, then expected from 29N16W extending to Spain  at 21/12 UTC.
ITCZ along 09N23W 08N27W 07N29W 08N32W, expected 04N23W 04N27W 04N33W at 21/12 UTC.
High 1026 hPa 35S23W, moving slowly east, expected 1028 hPa 34S02E at 21/12UTC. Associated ridge extending to Brazil.

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