Weather bulletin of the 30th Décember 2012.

Weather analysis for the 30th December 2012.

General synopsis by  December 30, 2012 at 00h UTC :
Low 979 hPa 60S138E, moving east, expected 974 hPa 59S143E at 30/12 UTC, then 972 hPa 59S147E then merging with next Low.
Low 989 hPa 55S129E, moving quickly east and deepening, expected 976 hPa 55S148E, 970 hPa 55S156E at 31/00 UTC, then 967 hPa 56S163E at 31/12 UTC. Associated disturbance crossing ADELIE and west AUCKLAND.
Low 982 hPa 57S161E moving southeast, expected 978 hPa 59S170E at 30/12 UTC, then 966 hPa 63S169E at 31/00 UTC, then moving southwest, expected 964 hPa 65S163E at 31/12 UTC. Associated trough extending northeast, in whichdeepening new Low expected 993 hPa 48S176E at 30/12 UTC, then 987 hPa 52S179E at 31/00 UTC, 979 hPa 61S174W at 31/12 UTC. Associated disturbancecrossing east AUCKLAND then ROSS.
Low 989 hPa 52S164E moving east, expected 53S170E at 30/12 UTC then merging with prévious Low in trough. Associated cold front crossing north AUCKLAND.
Low 968 hPa 66S143W moving northeast, expected 974 hPa 63S137W at 30/12 UTC, then moving east, expected 978 hPa 62S125W at 31/00 UTC, then 983 hPa 63S121W at 31/12 UTC. Associated trough extending northeast and crossing ALBATROSS, in this trough new low deepening  and moving southeast, expected 1004 hPa 49S126W at 30/12 UTC, then 1004 hPa 52S117W at 31/00 UTC, then 1004 hPa 55S107W at 31/12 UTC. After this trough, two cold fronts crossing ALBATROSS.
Low 974 hPa 64S126W moving southeast, expected 974 hPa 65S122W at 30/12 UTC, then merging with previous one. Associated trough extending northeast, in which deepening new Low, expected  998 hPa 58S101W at 30/12 UTC, then moving southeast, expected 1003 hPa 62S91W at 31/00 UTC, then 1004 hPa 64S82W at 31/12 UTC. Associated trough extending northwest, in which deepening low expected 1009 hPa 58S90W at 31/12 UTC.
Low 994 hPa 60S99W  filling.
Low 998 hPa 53S83W, moving east, expected 999 hPa 50S76W at 30/12 UTC, then moving in atlantic ocean.

High 1025 hPa 39S132E moving northeast, expected 1022 hPa 35S169E at 31/12 UTC.
High 1029 hPa 41S151W moving southeast, expected 1031 hPa 40S146W at 31/12 UTC. Associated ridge over ROSS, moving east, over west ALBATROSS at end.
High 1029 hPa 39S101W moving east, expected 1030 hPa 40S94W at 31/12 UTC. Associated ridge extending south over PAQUES, then moving east, over east HORN at end.
Shallow high 1009 hPa 63S81W, merging with previous ridge.

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