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6th November 2016
To Sables d'Olonne

Edition 2012 > Race milestones

Race milestones 2012-2013

From les Sables

Les Sables - Equator
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
Armel Le Cléac´h Wed 21 Nov, 07:20 10d 19h 18mn -
Vincent Riou Wed 21 Nov, 12:12 11d 00h 10mn 03h 52mn
François Gabart Wed 21 Nov, 12:20 11d 00h 20mn 04h 02mn
Jean-Pierre Dick Wed 21 Nov, 12:25 11d 00h 25mn 04h 07mn
Alex Thomson Wed 21 Nov, 14:36 11d 02h 34mn 06h 16mn
Bernard Stamm Wed 21 Nov, 15:37 11d 03h 25mn 07h 07mn
Mike Golding Thu 22 Nov, 01:15 11d 13h 13mn 16h 55mn
Jean Le Cam Thu 22 Nov, 08:10 11d 20h 08mn 1d 00h 50mn
Dominique Wavre Thu 22 Nov, 08:45 11d 20h 43mn 1d 01h 25mn
Javier Sansó Fri 23 Nov, 21:15 13d 09h 13mn 2d 12h 55mn
Arnaud Boissières Sat 24 Nov, 02:00 13d 13h 58mn 2d 17h 40mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Sat 24 Nov, 03:45 13d 15h 53mn 2d 19h 35mn
Bertrand de Broc Sat 24 Nov, 14:25 14d 02h 23mn 2d 19h 35mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto Mon 26 Nov, 08:05 15d 20h 03mn 5d 00h 45mn
Les Sables - Cape of Good Hope
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
Armel Le Cléac´h Mon 03 Dec, 11:48 22d 23h 46mn -
Jean-Pierre Dick Mon 03 Dec, 15:05 23d 03h 03mn 03h 17mn
François Gabart Mon 03 Dec, 15:45 23d 03h 43mn 03h 57mn
Bernard Stamm Mon 03 Dec, 18:46 23d 06h 44mn 06h 58mn
Alex Thomson Tue 04 Dec, 00:35 23d 12h 33mn 12h 47mn
Mike Golding Tue 04 Dec, 19:20 24d 07h 18mn 1d 07h 32mn
Jean Le Cam Wed 05 Dec, 00:50 24d 12h 48mn 1d 13h 02mn
Dominique Wavre Wed 05 Dec, 01:55 24d 13h 53mn 1d 14h 07mn
Arnaud Boissières Fri 07 Dec, 03:00 26d 15h 58mn 3d 15h 12mn
Javier Sansó Fri 07 Dec, 05:07 26d 17h 05mn 3d 17h 19mn
Bertrand de Broc Sat 08 Dec, 21:00 28d 08h 58mn 5d 09h 12mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Mon 10 Dec, 12:16 30d 00h 14mn 7d 00h 28mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto Wed 12 Dec, 17:30 32d 05h 28mn 9d 05h 42mn
Les Sables - Cape Leeuwin
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
François Gabart Fri 14 Dec, 22:25 34d 10h 23mn -
Armel Le Cléac´h Sat 15 Dec, 00:15 34d 12h 13mn 01h 50mn
Jean-Pierre Dick Sun 16 Dec, 04:30 35d 16h 28mn 1d 06h 05mn
Bernard Stamm Sun 16 Dec, 09:45 35d 21h 43mn 1d 11h 20mn
Alex Thomson Sun 16 Dec, 10:15 35d 22h 13mn 1d 11h 50mn
Jean Le Cam Wed 19 Dec, 04:15 38d 16h 13mn 4d 05h 50mn
Mike Golding Wed 19 Dec, 18:40 39d 06h 38mn 4d 20h 15mn
Dominique Wavre Wed 19 Dec, 22:45 39d 10h 43mn 5d 00h 20mn
Javier Sansó Thu 20 Dec, 06:30 39d 18h 28mn 5d 08h 05mn
Arnaud Boissières Sat 22 Dec, 15:15 42d 03h 13mn 7d 16h 50mn
Bertrand de Broc Mon 24 Dec, 06:30 43d 18h 28mn 9d 08h 05mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Tue 25 Dec, 06:00 44d 17h 58mn 10d 07h 35mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto Thu 27 Dec, 14:15 47d 02h 13mn 12d 15h 50mn
Les Sables - Cape Horn
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
François Gabart Tue 01 Jan, 18:20 52d 06h 18 mn
Armel Le Cléac´h Tue 01 Jan, 19:35 52d 07h 33mn 01h 15mn
Jean-Pierre Dick Thu 03 Jan, 04:42 53d 16h 40mn 01d 10h 22mn
Alex Thomson Fri 04 Jan, 02:38 54d 14h 36mn 02d 8h 18mn
Jean Le Cam Tue 08 Jan, 07:19 58d 19h 17mn 06d 11h 59mn
Mike Golding Wed 09 Jan, 02:35 59d 14h 02mn 07d 07h 24mn
Dominique Wavre Wed 09 Jan, 10:18 59d 22h 16mn 07d 17h 58mn
Arnaud Boissières Wed 09 Jan, 21:55 60d 09h 53mn 08d 03h 35mn
Javier Sansó Thu 10 Jan, 00:52 60d 12h 50mn 08d 06h 32mn
Bertrand de Broc Mon 14 Jan, 18:00 65d 05h 58mn 12d 23h 20mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Tue 15 Jan, 05:03 65d 17h 01mn 13d 10h 41mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto Thu 17 Jan, 17:31 68d 05h 29mn 16d 23h 11mn
Les Sables - Equator (return)
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
François Gabart Tue 15 Jan, 13:41 66d 01h 39mn
Armel Le Cléac´h Wed 16 Jan, 04:47 66d16h 45mn 15h 06mn
Jean-Pierre Dick Thu 17 Jan, 10:02 67d 22h 00mn 1d 20h 21mn
Alex Thomson Fri 18 Jan, 02:55 68d 14h 53mn 02d 13h 14mn
Jean Le Cam Thu 24 Jan, 19:00 75d 06h 58mn 09d 5h 19mn
Mike Golding Fri 25 Jan, 00:14 75d 12h 12mn 09d 10h 33mn
Dominique Wavre Sat 26 Jan, 07:44 76d 19h 42mn 10d 18h 03mn
Arnaud Boissières Sun 27 Jan, 02:13 77d 14h 11mn 11d 12h 32mn
Javier Sansó Sun 27 Jan, 14:26 78d 02h 24mn 12d 00h 45mn
Bertrand de Broc Mon 28 Jan, 15:00 79d 02h 58mn 13d 01h 19mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Wed 30 Jan, 22:09 81d 10h 07mn 15d 08h 28mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto Mon 04 Feb, 22:39 86d 10h 37mn 20d 08h 58mn
Les Sables - Les Sables (aroud the world)
The skippers Date Time Distance to first
François Gabart Sun 27 Jan, 14:18 78d 02h 18mn 9d 21h 56mn
Armel Le Cléac´h Sun 27 Jan, 17:35 78d 05h 33mn 03h 17mn 12sec
Alex Thomson Wed 30 Jan, 07:25 80d 19h 23mn 2d 13h 49mn
Jean-Pierre Dick Mon 04 Feb, 15:05 86d 03h 03mn 08d 00h 47mn
Jean Le Cam Wed 06 Feb, 12:14 88d 00h 12mn 9d 21h 56mn
Mike Golding Wed 06 Feb, 18:35 88d 06h 36mn 10d 04h 19mn
Dominique Wavre Fri 08 Feb, 15:16 90d 03h 14mn 12d 00h 58mn
Arnaud Boissières Sat 09 Feb, 14:11 91d 02h 09mn 12d 23h 52mn
Bertrand de Broc Sun 10 Feb, 17:12 92d 17h 10mn 14d 14h 53mn
Tanguy De Lamotte Sun 17 Feb, 09:58 98d 21h 56mn 20d 19h 39min
Alessandro Di Benedetto Fri 22 Feb, 14:36 104d 02h 34mn 26d 00h 17mn

Intermediate times

Equator - Cape of Good Hope
The skippers Time
Jean-Pierre Dick 12d 02h 40mn
Bernard Stamm 12d 03h 09mn
François Gabart 12d 03h 25mn
Armel Le Cléac´h 12d 04h 28mn
Alex Thomson 12d 09h 59mn
Jean Le Cam 12d 16h 40mn
Dominique Wavre 12d 17h 10mn
Mike Golding 12d 18h 05mn
Arnaud Boissières 13d 01h 00mn
Javier Sansó 13d 07h 52mn
Bertrand de Broc 14d 06h 35mn
Tanguy De Lamotte 16d 08h 31mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto 16d 09h 25mn
Cape of Good Hope - Cape Leeuwin
The skippers Time
François Gabart 11d 06h 40mn
Armel Le Cléac´h 11d 12h 27mn
Alex Thomson 12d 09h 40mn
Jean-Pierre Dick 12d 13h 25mn
Bernard Stamm 12d 14h 59mn
Javier Sansó 13d 01h 23mn
Jean Le Cam 14d 03h 25mn
Tanguy De Lamotte 14d 17h 44mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto 14d 20h 45mn
Dominique Wavre 14d 20h 50mn
Mike Golding 14d 23h 40mn
Bertrand de Broc 15d 09h 30mn
Arnaud Boissières 15d 12h 15mn
Cape Leeuwin - Cape Horn
The skippers Time
François Gabart 17d 18h 35mn
Armel Le Cléac´h 17d 19h 20mn
Jean-Pierre Dick 18d 00h 12mn
Arnaud Boissières 18d 06h 40mn
Javier Sansó 18d 06h 40mn
Alex Thomson 18d 16h 23mn
Jean Le Cam 20d 03h 03mn
Mike Golding 20d 07h 25mn
Dominique Wavre 20d 11h 33mn
Tanguy De Lamotte 20d 23h 03mn
Bertrand de Broc 21d 11h 30mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto 25d 03h 16mn
Cape Horn - Equator
The skippers Time
François Gabart 13d 19h 28mn
Bertrand de Broc 13d 20h 59mn
Alex Thomson 14d 00h 21mn
Jean-Pierre Dick 14d 05h 30mn
Armel Le Cléac´h 14d 09h 14mn
Tanguy De Lamotte 15d 17h 06mn
Mike Golding 15d 22h 09mn
Jean Le Cam 16d 11h 41mn
Dominique Wavre 16d 21h 26mn
Arnaud Boissières 17d 04h 25mn
Javier Sansó 17d 13h 36mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto 18d 05h 08mn
Equator - Les Sables
The skippers Time
Armel Le Cléac´h 11d 13h 48mn
François Gabart 12d 01h 37mn
Alex Thomson 12d 04h 30mn
Bernard Stamm 12d 17h 14mn
Jean Le Cam 12d 17h 14mn
Mike Golding 12d 18h 23mn
Bertrand de Broc 13d 02h 12mn
Dominique Wavre 13d 07h 31mn
Arnaud Boissières 13d 11h 57mn
Tanguy De Lamotte 17d 11h 48mn
Alessandro Di Benedetto 17d 15h 57mn
Jean-Pierre Dick 18d 05h 03mn

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