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Kito de Pavant has revealed some great news to the Vendée Globe editorial team. His project for the next Vendée Globe, which starts on 6th November 2016, is taking shape. Third in the Route du Rhum on his Class40, the Southerner has got a large part of his funding together  and will be there for the adventure in 2016. He tells us more.

Kito, we’ve been hearing that things are starting to move concerning your Vendée Globe project… Is it true or just a rumour?

“It’s a fact. I’m feeling optimistic. You need to be as otherwise you wouldn’t get anything done, and you’d move next door to a hospital, in case something serious happened to you. Two years ago, we gave ourselves a huge challenge with the Made in Midi project to bring together various firms and the Route du Rhum (3rd – editor’s note) went well. It showed that all this energy was not wasted and people began to take us more seriously. There are many fine businesses in the South of France, who would like to have some great stories to tell.”

But have things really changed over the past few weeks?

“Yes, things have been moving for several weeks now. We know that some firms are up for it. We have still got some way to go, but we know we’re on our way to the 2016 Vendée Globe. It’s complicated, but that’s only natural as we’re talking about budgets, but we like a challenge and we’re now certain…”

And you’re buying a boat?

“Yes… we’re buying an existing boat. We have to get it right. The aim is to be there at the start of the Vendée Globe and above all to finish it. It’s not because you throw 10 million euros down on the table, that you’re certain of completing the Vendée Globe… I know all about that.”

Is it going to be with Bastide Medical, which was your partner in the Rhum?

“For the moment, I really can’t give you any details. I can just say that we have partners who are really motivated and liked the way we ran the Route du Rhum project and the whole of the Made in Midi project. We worked a lot with students, and agencies around Montpellier, people who are working on new ideas, on niche markets, and technology… and who are much more interested in a Vendée Globe project than a Figaro one.”

Do you already have a boat in mind?

“Yes… but we’re all looking at the same one! We can’t get this wrong and we’re going to have to make some difficult choices. There are some boats that are competing in the Barcelona World Race and won’t be available for three months, remembering too that we don’t know what shape they’ll be in when they get back, and we don’t know whether the owners of those boats will be able to get them back in shape after this race finishes. So we’re going to have to make some tricky choices – for me the deadline is before they get back from the Barcelona.”

So do you have half of the funding today?

“More than that… today, I’d say we have around 80% of a small budget and we’re stepping things up, so it is set to increase. We’re looking at a modest budget, but we know we’re getting there.”

Great news! So ideally, you’d like to get your hands on the boat for the spring?

“Yes, it’s great news. As for the boat, yes, I hope to have her before next spring.”

Bruno Ménard / Mer & Media Agency