The Vendée Globe and Space

The Vendée Globe a race under high satellite surveillance.

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A race monitored by satellite

Thanks to CLS, sailboats are monitored by satellites throughout the Vendée Globe race.

Each boat is equipped with “MAR YI” a locator and assistance beacon. These beacons are constantly sending messages allowing  to track the boat. Thanks to this location, the PC course can rank sailors, provide a map to the public and can also improve skippers safety at sea.

Threatening iceberg detected from space

CLS provides the Vendée Globe its knowledge in processing satellites datas in radar imagery, altimetric/elevation datas (sea level), and ocean currents models to detect iceberg and to prevent ice drift throughout the Antarctica.

On-the-alert 24/7 spatial data center, based in Toulouse and Brest

CLS provides its best teams to serve the race and its safety.  Toulouse data center collects datas from nearly 130 satellites. Among these satellites, some of them help to get a real-time location of skippers, to detect threatening icebergs, to collect seas conditions (temperature, currents, etc.) and to get key information to predict dangerous ice drift.

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