Luck or skill?

Jérémie Beyou / Maitre Coq

© SafranMorgan Lagravière, Safran: “We were trying to get around the south of the high, but during the night there were calms and squalls. We had to respond quickly out on deck. I didn’t get much rest. But I have got back in the game thanks to my strategy and a bit of luck. Since Madeira we have had more wind. Around 20 knots. When you have 450m2 of sail, that means you’re quick. It’s hard to leave the helm in these conditions. It’s no secret but the foil is in the water."

Jérémie Beyou, Maître CoQ: "We have accelerated a bit. It wasn’t easy last night. Gitana got the better of us. We fell into some light airs, while he got pushed along. You can gybe at the same time as someone else and he overtakes you. I haven’t had much luck or maybe I’m not sailing well. Maybe both... It’s time for me to wake up. We have found a few moments to eat and sleep but they are far and few between. We’re too busy with the sheet, so I’m not getting much rest. There are going to be sail changes and a lot of trimming ahead. It’s all down to the choice of sail. We’re going to have to decide when to change to the gennaker...”

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