04 December 2016 - 19:58 • 14322 views



At 1900 UTC yesterday evening, Jérémie Beyou alerted everyone that there had been damage on Maître CoQ. While sailing in thirty knots of wind, the mainsail suddenly came down. Jérémie decided to head further north to get away from the low-pressure system and analyse the situation.

Since then, the skipper of Maître CoQ has managed to replace his damaged mainsail hook with a spare part. He has hoisted his mainsail, part of which was torn and will continue his repairs when he finds the strength to do that.

Still in fifth place in the 1700 UTC rankings and now more than 250 miles behind Paul Meilhat (4th on SMA), Jérémie Beyou, who has experienced a number of problems since the start of the Vendée Globe, is now heading south at an average speed of thirteen knots. The sailor from Morlaix Bay is clearly determined...