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The leaders get out of the Doldrums

Sat Picture of the Doldrums January 9th 2017 at 8h00
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© Great CircleBanque Populaire VIII is out of the doldrums and it should soon be the same for Hugo Boss. They are now going to be able to sail northward at a good speed and sail to the east of the depression which is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Getting the right trajectory is the key issue. If you are too far west, you end up downwind in light winds and if you are too far east, you are upwind. The wind will probably remain unstable during the next few days with clouds and a few squalls.

Jérémie Beyou crossed a stormy zone this morning, but we cannot speak about the doldrums yet. He should find a more regular wind during the day and will only reach the doldrums on Tuesday evening.

StMichel Virbac, Quéguiner and Finistère Mer Vent are now in the trade winds while Bureau Vallée is still in a different weather system. Louis Burton is sailing in South-easterly winds. He has one more transition before sailing upwind around the St-Helena © Great Circlehigh pressure system.

Nandor Fa rounded Cape Horn with nice westerly winds, while Conrad Colman and Eric Bellion get ready to round the Cape on January 11th in conditions which should be much more difficult with more than 40 knots from the Southwest.

The Pacific high pressure system moved North which opened the door to Arnaud Boissières, Fabrice Amedeo, Alan Roura and Rich Wilson.

Romain Attanasio, Didac Costa and Pieter Heerema are sailing on either side of a depression with unstable winds, which explains the speeds which are up and down.

Finally TechnoFirst-faceOcean should get a new low on Tuesday and another one on Thursday.

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