Virtual Regatta


It’s no surprise for anyone. France, with more than 415,552 players, is the most represented country on the Virtual Vendée Globe. 199 countries with at least one player are presently on the oceans and are fighting in the Atlantic, the Pacific or maybe, even in the Indian Oceans. What’s the Top 10 of this ranking? Switzerland, with 6,555 players climbs on the podium’s second step, ahead of Spain and its 6,246 players. The United States are 4th with 4,632 competitors, just ahead of UK, represented by 4,626 players. Then come Belgium (4,611), Italy (4,047), Canada (3,274), Germany (2,466) and finally Holland (1,644) is closing this Top 10. The first country from the African continent is Morocco with 394 players, slightly ahead of South Africa and its 354 registered players. Ivory Coast, Gabon, Namibia and Kenya are also represented with around 60 players for each of them. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in South America, Argentina is first with 1,343 players and ranks as 12th of the most represented countries. Brazil comes in second position with 657 players; then come Chile (115 players), Venezuela (92), Columbia (75), Peru (48) and Uruguay (35). In Asia, Hong Kong and Japan are nip and tuck as 31st and 32nd with respectively 262 and 247 players. China is 3rd on this continent with 223 players. Afghanistan is 52nd with 108 players. It’s hard to list them all here, but by running down the ranking, small countries are also in the game like Micronesia and its 2 players as well as Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi or Samoa. With one player, 6 other countries are also in the Virtual Vendée Globe adventure: Chad, Comoros, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Soudan and Tajikistan. Cape Verde, which the competitors are currently passing, is represented also and is 120th with 14 players.

Race Brief

Three rivals are currently fighting for the Virtual Vendée Globe top position. There are very close to each other and rapidly gaining miles northbound. Mangina – PYR, NZ-Eligo « IST » and Didflam are 19 miles ahead of Istishia, their first direct chaser. On the other hand, little or almost no lateral gap won’t disrupt this provisory ranking. 1,840 miles from the finish line, some coups will be attempted, but the leading trio will not be taken in.


Atlantic Sprint Day+8

By cutting short thru the Cape Verde archipelago, Pen Gwen 7 is leading the Sprint’s fleet, ahead of Exigent and Wet Dream. This leading trio, positioned very much in the East, should shortly give in the top position as, more in the West, KLM2235, leader of a skippers’ gang, is beginning to get the downwind that should enable to quicken the pace. It’s an interesting transfer of power.

Picture of the day: Jan 11th, 2017 at 11:05 a.m.

You’ve been asking for it since a long time; here is the 2016 Virtual Vendée Globe global satellite image. You’ll find it daily here and in your news.

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