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If it doesn’t make any doubt that the leaders will pass thru the centre of the Azores, once the island will be in their wake, there will be only 1,100 NM to sail on the theoretical route until the Sables D’Olonne. But this estimate can be confirmed only if the conditions allow a straightforward route. Unfortunately, the Azores high, currently positioned in the north east of the archipelago will move towards the French coasts. This rather unusual shift will oblige the virtual skippers to round this anti-cyclonic bubble by the north. This mandatory detour should make them sailing along the tip of Brittany before they can rush down towards Vendée and the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne. In these conditions, and according to different routings, the ETA lies between January 17th and 18th at dawn.

Sailors words


Good evening VR News! How can you already be there? Nice catching up! Are you sure you’re only using the game’s pack? Lol???

In any case, the analyses of your headings show that the Doldrums in the East were definitely not virulent for you.

Delighted to have crossed your route.


Hello. Can you tell me when the race will end? Thank you.


Hi VR News. Here you are in my wake. After having been within the 100 firsts, the last quarter of the race has been harsh for me. Keep on going and see you in Les Sables.


Hello, the end is getting closer, only one week to go! As for me, 196,537th on the 8th day and 516th today, I wouldn’t have bet 1 € on this.


Nice catching up… Or better said, nice tackling of this goddam bubble… My lead has melted to quickly, it’s sad.


A quick hi from the Fireflies’ class. We love following the Vendée Globe and our virtual Boat. Have a nice race’s finish.



Is it possible to see where about is the 5,000th competitor? I’m well aware that it should constantly change, but I would lie to have an idea of the gaps? Thanks in advance for your answer.


We’ve already passed the Equator and we're on the home straight now.

Within 10 days, we’ll be back in les Sables.

Thanks a lot for this game that kept us on tenterhooks for nearly 3 months. We’ll come back.

We have daily sailed, side-by-side, with many of you.

Your absence will at once leave a great void.

Kisses to all and good luck for the long close-hauled tack which is expecting us ahead.


It’s really great to have 2 big names on my side in 3D.

 Atlantic Sprint Day+10

On the Atlantic Sprint, the situation is of the most interesting: 3 groups on opposite routes are trying to pull out. In the Southwest of the Canaries islands, Exigent holds the top position, when in the West and more up in the North, a group made of Patoche100 (2nd) and TEMERARIO (3rd) is currently taking the advantage. Even more in the North and even more in the West, a third group, with KLM 2235 (4th), redredWine (27th) and Freizh Volante TPN (64th) are enjoying better conditions. Who will have the last word? We’ll know the answer in a few days when the routes will converge.

 Picture of the day: Jan 13rd, 2017 at 11:05 a.m.

You’ve been asking for it since a long time; here is the 2016 Virtual Vendée Globe global satellite image. You’ll find it daily here and in your news.

If you happen to pass by the VR news boat, do not hesitate to leave a message; this vessel is the link between the players and the editors. As we already have told, the huge success of the boat does not allow us to answer all your questions. As news go by, we’ll bring you some solutions, advises, answers, and all this kind of things…

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