Virtual Regatta


With the time difference between France, Australia and New Zealand, the three virtual leaders must certainly have their eyes and hands riveted on the computer, no matter that the night already covers Adelaide, Magina’s home town. This proxy navigation, few cables off the Brittany’s islands and the Vendée, does not hide big dangers. The wind, rather stable in force and direction, which currently blows from the Northeast does not demand big manoeuvres. In these conditions, the ranking should stay frozen until the arrival. Didflam’s little southbound shift and his two tacks have not paid off. At 11 a.m., he’s behind the two leaders. The status quo is therefore set at the race top and 3 hours before the finish, the victory seems to be assuredly smiling for the Australian Mangina. In the second spot, the New Zealander NZ-Eligo is therefore ahead of the French Didflam, who, yesterday night, has answered our questions about his race and his beautiful performance: « It’s my third Virtual Vendée Globe. The game has enabled me to follow the real race with more intensity. I’ve hesitated a little before entering this new edition, but now, I do not regret it at all. I’m neither a cunning strategist nor a great warrior. I’ve just set my course according to my instinct: not getting to close to the African coast during the descent, stay along the Ice Limit because it’s the shortest route, properly rounding Saint Helena in the descent and the climb… In short, having a relatively wise route has been my creed. I’m very glad to be third for the moment and I didn’t expect that at all when I started the Virtual Vendée Globe. It’s a nice surprise anyway.»

Didier Flament, who is researcher in marine microbiology in Brest, has made a very good race and will finish this vendee Globe in the third spot in bit more than 72 days.

Behind this trio, other sailors from other countries are fighting to reach the best rank within the Virtual Vendée Globe Top 10. Swiss Liryc82, 4th, clocks in at 27,67 NM. The French Reric01, the German Raumzeit, the Frenchmen Gicajuvi and Fred_75 are respectively 7th, 8th and 9th and finally, at the 10thspot, another German, salaosan, completes this ranking. If the three firsts are in less than 3 miles, the 7 followers are between 28 and 38 miles away of the race lead.

If you want to follow the last miles of the race, please go to your account on avatars of the 3 leaders are mangina-PYR, NZ-Eligo « IST » and didflam.

Atlantic Sprint Day + 12

A renowned player of the Virtual Vendée Globe just seized the lead of the Atlantic Sprint. KLM2234 is therefore leading this fleet of more than 86,000 players. But, being only 0,08 NM ahead of the German Koenigswelle and 0,56 NM of the Swiss Tipapacheri, it’s needless to say that the gaps are insignificant. 398 miles away from the finish line, the race is far to be over.

Picture of the day: Jan 17th, 2017 at 11:05 a.m.

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