Virtual Regatta

Every minute, 7 boats arrive at Les Sables

The first picture is from MASSY 91; it’s a slightly altered screenshot that is quite alike to what happened to Roland Jourdain in 2001, when he rounded Cape Horn side by side with a cruise ship.

Thanks also to Saint-Matthieu, Patoche 100 and Ronker29 for their pictures in the storm. Much calmer and peaceful, the moonshine pictures are numerous. Carla Wilson is sharing a view of her boat, with the fleet around her, under a caring moon and El Scilachi sent us one picture of a dead calms zone. Finally the red sunrise on Il Moro di Venezia ends these series of pictures, which are all memories of an incredible circumnavigation.

 Figures & Statistics

With 158,759 arrivals until today, the Sable d’Olonne harbour is more than full and the virtual game management hasn't got time to sit and twiddle thumbs. With boats on the finish line per minute, that means 441 per hour or 10,584 per day since the winner arrived, the pace is still sustained and as one can see on the fleet picture at 1:05 p.m., its will still have quite a lot of movements in the days and weeks to come. The southern Atlantic Ocean is quietly getting empty and the albatrosses are recovering their tranquillity.

The record of the distance sailed in 24 hours has been reached between December 17th and 18th, 2016 under New Zealand. With a distance of 665.96miles, rico-show is the winning holder of this record. 0,25 NM shy, Summervogel seizes the  second spot and Maxoupitchou climbs on the third step with 665.60 NM. Here’s the Top 10 of the record of the distance sailed in 24 hours.

The southern lows that have beaten the South of New Zealand have eased the long surfs and all these distances have been realised in this zone.

With an average of 26,600 NM sailed distance, the 453,000 Virtual Vendée Globe's sailors have covered the phenomenal distance of 22,316,139,000 km, that is 2,35 light-years or 74 return trips to the sun.

Here’s another incredible figure: if we multiply the IMOCAs’ LOA (18.23 m) by the number of players (453,000), we would obtain a distance of 8280 km. That means that a skipper could do a dry transatlantic walk.


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