Two days from the conclusion of the 8th Vendée Globe

Technofirst Face Ocean, skipper Sebastien Destremau (FRA) Aerial illustration of start of the Vendee Globe, in Les Sables d'Olonne, France, on November 6th, 2016 - Photo Vincent Curutchet / DPPI / Vendée GlobeTechnofirst Face Ocean, skipper Sebastien De

When Sébastien Destremau finishes, it will bring an end to the eighth Vendée Globe. The skipper of TechnoFirst-faceOcean will take eighteenth place around fifty days after the winner, Armel Le Cléac’h. Never before have so many competitors managed to complete their voyage around the world in the Vendée Globe.

A weather transition to be the final judge

Sailing to the north of the centre of an area of high pressure, Destremau is taking advantage of a 25-30 knot SW’ly wind, allowing him to keep up good speeds. He will be sailing today in a 3-4m swell. The wind is expected to continue to blow until late this afternoon. Tomorrow his speed is expected to be slower with a 15-20 knot SW’ly wind, but late in the day, the wind will drop to below five knots, before backing to the SE. That is when the arrival time will become clearer. If the wind shift happens quickly, Sébastien Destremau should finish early in the afternoon on Friday. If the new wind takes longer to arrive, he will be later. He can enter the harbour from 1100 to 1800hrs UTC.


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