Armel Tripon: a new contender and a new boat

It is more and more obvious that the 2020 Vendée Globe is encouraging some innovative projects to be developed. After Jérémie Beyou, Sébastien Simon and Charlie Dalin, Armel Tripon has now announced the construction of a new boat. After moving up through all the classes involved in ocean racing (winner of the Mini Transat and competitor in the Figaro, Class40, Multi 50 circuits), Armel is now preparing to tackle the Vendée Globe.

His approach is different in two ways, as the construction of his boat is bringing together a boatyard in Nantes, Black Pepper® Yachts, which specialises in large cruising vessels with the designer, Sam Manuard, who so far has been known for his particularly well performing Mini and Class40 designs.
However, Armel Tripon is not leaping into the unknown. The yard is used to building high-tech carbon constructions. On top of that, Sam Manuard, who is unusually both a boat designer and ocean racer, clearly has  a lot of knowledge in this field.

The successful experiments with foils in the 2016-2017 appear to have created a lot of excitement, which should make the 2020-2021 edition a major moment in the history of the race.

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