Bermuda 1000 Race, close finish, Meilhat wins from Davies

Arrivals in Cascais
© Ricardo Pinto / Bermudes 1000 Race

The competitors of the Bermuda 1000 Race between Douarnenez and Cascais have all finished safely, that is with the exception of Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2) who decided to return back to Lorient because of a persistent abnormal noise under the hull of his boat.
The main conclusions from this first race of 2018 are:

- Paul Meilhat (SMA) is still a top contender. Leading the fleet from the start of the race he was able to draw out the very best of his conventionally set up monohull and hold off the foilers.

- Sam Davies (Initiatives Coeur) proved that on her return to solo racing she can be considered a good prospect for success in the next Vendée Globe. She finished less than 15 minutes behind Meilhat despite having to overcome some technical problems which compromised her at the start of the race.

- For Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest - Art & Fenêtres) and Manuel Cousin (Setin Group) their first objective above all was to qualify for the next Route du Rhum. Tick. Done.

- Damien Seguin (Apicil Group) who sailed two up with Jean Le Cam was able to optimize the handling of his Imoca by benefiting from the presence of Le Cam who, a veteran of four participations in the Vendée Globe who lead the refit and reconfiguration of Seguin’s boat.

Courses are now set for the Mediterranean and the Monaco Globe Series which runs from 1st to 8th June. Several teams have planned to take advantage of this outing on the Med, the so called Big Blue, which include hospitality days on the French Riviera.

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