Isabelle Joschke live on Facebook

The skipper of Monin looks back at her ocean racing career, her early days in the world of sailing while doing a training course in the Glénan Islands. After competing twice in the Mini Transat, Isabelle entered the Figaro circuit before moving to Class40 and then more recently to the IMOCA class.

Isabelle looks at her commitment to seeing more women take part in ocean racing events. Showing her strong beliefs, she promotes her association, Horizon Mixité which aims to smash the glass ceiling that women encounter when doing work previously associated with men. Isabelle has found her own way of preparing given her size: rather than pushing hard, she prefers the gentle approach respecting her limits. This method appears to be working well for her looking at her recent results.


[???? LIVE] Quelle place pour les femmes dans la course au large ? Quelles spécificités dans la préparation ? La skipper Monin Isabelle Joschke répond à nos questions en live ! #LiveVG2020 Cette talentueuse navigatrice cherche encore des partenaires pour soutenir son projet : partagez autour de vous !

Posted by Vendée Globe on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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