Meilhat, Highlights from Facebook Live.

The recent winner of the Route du Rhum did so with no foils on his IMOCA. He explained that part of the reason was the very tough weather after the start, mainly upwind, and then a lot of downwind sailing. He thinks many of the skippers in the race were still learning the best use of their foils and were not yet at their full potential.

He confirmed that all three top French skippers, Meilhat, Yann Eliès and Vincent Riou were right into their reserves of energy when they finished. 

His main priority now it to find a sponsor for the next Vendée Globe but time is getting increasingly tight. He still has the option to go with the boat he has had but a new boat might be preferable.


[???? LIVE] Après sa victoire sur la Route du Rhum, SMAVoile - Paul Meilhat est en route vers le Vendée Globe 2020. N'hésitez pas à lui poser vos questions en live #LiveVG2020 Ce talentueux skipper cherche des partenaires pour soutenir son projet : partagez autour de vous !

Posted by Vendée Globe on Tuesday, December 4, 2018


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