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He sailed an excellent, very steady last Vendée Globe to finish seventh and has the full, ongoing support of his loyal sponsors Bureau Vallée. He pledged to return and do better almost as soon as the 2016-17 race finished, getting his hands on Armel Le Cléac’h’s well proven, well set up winning IMOCA. He grew up in Paris and has a father who is Welsh, meet Louis Burton.  

Birth Date June 4, 1985
Place of birth Ivry sur Seine
Hometown: Saint-Malo
Studies and professional career outside sailing: ISCPA graduate (Media Institute, Communication stream)

In the beginning:
Your first trips: where and when?Family sailing on Île aux Moines during the holidays.
How / why did your desire to race offshore come about? General family discovery and passion for the sea, racing with my brother Nelson, cruiser racing.
When and why did it become a life project? Pretty much since taking part in the Route du Rhum 2010 in Class40, just really after discovering my immense pleasure I felt at sea.
The result or experience that you are most proud of? My seventh place in the Vendée Globe 2016/2017.
Your main quality in life? Perseverance.
And what is your main flaw? Impatience.
If you were an animal? Hello Kitty (my children's cat)
If you were a plant? An olive tree.
If you were a movie? L’aventure c’est l’aventure
If you were music? Georges Brassens’s Les copains d’abord
Your favourite colour? Orange
Your dream of happiness? My current life.
Your hero in life? My father.
An aphorism or saying:  “It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that it is difficult. "(Seneque)
If you weren't an ocean racer, would you be?  Very annoyed!

Vendée Globe 2020
Your ambitions for the Vendée Globe 2020: Do better than in 2016/2017
Weak points (what would keep you from reaching your goal, other than the boat breaking): the competition
Your lethal weapon: The quality of our preparation
What would a successful Vendée Globe be for you?: To finish in a better place than in 2016/2017
What do you want to share? My passion for sailing and making young people and others aware of the fragility of the oceans.
In three words, the Vendée Globe for you is:  Adventure, competition, sharing
Three images you have from VG: The start in Les Sables, the boat on the world map at Cape Horn Pole, the arrival.
Which skipper inspires you? Servane Escoffier.
Wouldn't you go around the world without it? : my "Le bon Bag" (goody bag)
Environmental /edicational/ scientific actions on this round the world? For more than ten years, I have been going out to meet schools to tell about my races and share my passion for the sea. In 2019 with teachers, I launched the educational kit “I discover the world of the oceans with Louis Burton” for students in cycles 2 and 3. More than 2,000 teachers from all over France have used it free of charge. As part of an educational project, this tool makes it possible to make students aware of the fragility of the oceans, by linking it to the school curriculum and by working on all subjects. In 2020 a new kit is being offered to schools, even more complete and adapted to the Vendée Globe: 15 educational sheets for students (notably containing a game board), a manual to accompany each session, brochures to inform parents, a poster to follow the race, and many samples offered. 2,000 premium kits can be picked up (after registration) by teachers in the Bureau Vallée store of their choice. Louis Burton is one of the sponsors of the General Interest Association Grain de Sable (supporting access to education and recreation for children from disadvantaged backgrounds) and Endowment Fund “Bureau Vallée for a Happy Planet” ( support ecological, demographic and / or solidarity projects, in particular in the fields of education, the environment, eco-friendly and socio-responsible alternatives).

Registrations are open: Book your place for the village.