19 November 2020 - 14:24 • 18028 views



Jean Le Cam / Yes We Cam!" I had around 20 to 24 knots in the squalls and during the days you can see them come and you get stressed out, at least at night you do not see them and if you hit is you do what you have to do, but in the daylight you see it come.

Jean changed his background - jokes about it and says he decided to go and have a coffee in his favourite cafe.....

I was a bit fed up of my bean bag and my environment so I went to the bistro to go and get a coffee.
I passed just not far off the little archipelago off the coast of Brazil the day before and could see the light from the lighthouse and also that there was a boat at anchor, which Is aw on the AIS, it was really nice.

As to the foiling boats getting a chance to stretch their lead: I have always said since before the start that I am in the Renault 4 category, not in the Ferrari one, but I realise that the little R4 is very well tuned!  The good news is that I had a great nights sleep. I have not had a good nights sleep like last nights since the start.