21 November 2020 - 12:50 • 5392 views


"I have been having a series of good naps. It is not like long nights of sleep, but it's good, I'm getting a lot of rest. I am not particularly exhausted but am making them ost of it as it is harder to rest during the day. I'm starting to get used to the boat's speed, I sleep with more restfully than at the beginning. You get used to everything.
I have several options for sleeping. Here I am on a big mattress which is 20 cm off the floor, quite thick, quite wide, made to measure for me. I also have my big reclining centre bucket seat, which is good for short naps. Then I have a beanbag, in some conditions, it's not bad, I can use it anywhere on the boat.
It's true that you have weird dreams at sea. Sometimes I just wonder right off, I dream a lot! It's not too great, a bit like a nightmare. But it's all right, isn't it? I don't wake up in panic or sweat!"
On the battle with Alex Thomson and Charlie Dalin
"It's clear that it's getting a bit late... It's stimulating, at the same time there's a lot of pressure between the three of us, the boats are close together in terms of speed and we're in exactly the same weather system. I'm very happy to be where I am in this leading trio to attack the South Atlantic. We know that at this level, there can be elastic bands stretching forward. It is important not to be late now. Charlie (Dalin) also has to work hard to catch Alex (Thomson). It's good to be able to attack this part of the course with a small gap. I am happy!
At the end of the day it is quite a standard front. But it is a little bit twitchy. And whilst it is a standard front, it is not easy to negotiate. The corridor through is not quite wide enough to get through. What is certain is that we have get through as quickly as possible and pick our way through. As of close of play tomorrow there are going to be a lot of manoeuvring; we are going to get into the tougher stuff.”
On his Easterly position
"My shift to the East came about naturally. The main thing was wanting to get the right angle to go fast. That's what guided my choice of course, I was looking for a fast angle, to have a good pressure all the time. Alex (Thomson) was slower than us for a long time, maybe he had less wind on the initial part of entry into the South Atlantic. All three of us have similar speeds now and going fast. I'm running at 22, 23 sometimes 25 knots, the speed is quite unstable on these boats. Can't you hear my foils whistling?"
On the topic of solitude at sea
"I don't have much contact with the shore. I've had a few sponsor meetings since the start. I write quite a lot on WhatsApp, but I avoid spending my time on it, it's not my thing, it's not my way of racing. After hanging up, I'm going to go to sleep again! I'm going to tuck in to a 'chouil' and go to sleep first!”