23 November 2020 - 08:37 • 5504 views



Our part of the fleet hit the doldrums yesterday afternon, and we are being treated to the full experience.

The leaders don't know what fun they missed out on by being deprived of a proper doldrum crossing. Cumulomonsters laden with rain, playing havoc with the wind. At least the boat has been copiously rinsed with fresh water and the fine coating of yellow sand from deserts east has been washed away. 

The boat seemed to be lacking speed the past 24 hours in the trade winds, despite backing down the boat and checking the keel with the endoscope (couldn't see anything). 20 minutes sat under a doldrum cloud going nowhere was enough to remove whatever it was, because since then when there has been wind, the speed has been back to normal.

Photo of yesterday's edible wildlife attached. Plus photos of the current scenery.

Miranda / Campagne de France