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To sailing enthusiasts, the ENERGA group is not only the leader in the Polish renewable energy market, it is also the main sponsor of Zbigniew «Gutek» Gutkowski in the Polish’s 2012-2013 Vendée Globe adventure. Let’s find out more about the motivations and priorities of the Polish company.

Panneaux solaires ENERGAWhat are the reasons that made ENERGA join Gutek in this Vendée Globe project?

Zbigniew Gutkowski is the first Polish to be in the elite assembly of 20 sailors from all over the world on the Vendée Globe start line. As a title sponsor of his participation, we’re very proud to be a part of this program. His great passion, determination and extraordinary achievements convinced us that we should cooperate with Gutek and support him in this prestigious race. Zbigniew is a very experienced and talented sailor. He’s a man who can be very competitive in this race because of his unique features of character. That’s why we have chosen him to be an Ambassador of the ENERGA Sailing program. With his help, we want to bring young people and kids into sailing and make this sport more popular in Poland.


What values do you wish to showcase and express through that partnership and that Vendée Globe participation?

Through Gutek’s participation in the Vendée Globe, we want to underline the main values we share: Humanism and the preservation of the environment. A sailor in a solo race around the world offers a perfect match for that. He is standing face to face in front of all human weaknesses, and the boat is a wind-powered machine. Sailing is a pure sport and fair play game. We want Gutek’s confrontation with the ocean and with himself to be a good example for younger sailors but also for us all on dry land.


ENERGA_PanneauxWill you be in Les Sables for the start and maybe spending some time with Gutek in the last few days before the start? Will you be in touch with him during the race?

We’ll be in Les Sables D’Olonne one week before the start to support our sailor. We’ve also planned some promotion activities for the ENERGA Sailing program and a photo/video session. During the race, we’ll be following Gutek very closely, as his participation in the Vendée Globe will be covered by Polish national TV. We also created a dedicated website: www.energasailing.pl


Have you talked about a specific goal or objective with Gutek?

Yes, we talked to Gutek about his objective in the Vendée Globe and about our future cooperation through the ENERGA Sailing program. The first point for him is to be on the finish line. He would like to do it in less than 100 days. And as far as the ENERGA Sailing program is concerned, his role is to promote the project through his own achievements and to bring kids and youngsters to sailing.


Cécile Verin