19 February 2021 - 12:02 • 6640 views



Sam Davies and Isabelle Joschke are completing their solo round the world missions together, out of the race. With their compromised boats which need looking after, they have slowed down to let a big low pass in front of them. Sam spoke to Race HQ this morning and is super proud of her friend Miranda Merron who she first sailed with more than 20 years ago....

I am super happy for my friend Miranda. I never doubted that she would make it, she is a great sailor. Her project with Halvard is really cool. They don't have a lot of money, but they've managed to do something amazing. Miranda's strength lies in knowing her boat inside out despite the short time she had before setting out. I am very happy and proud for her. She had a wonderful race. I loved sharing it with her. We have a WhatsApp group with our Jules Verne Trophy attempt crew of 1998, and even though it was over 20 years ago, they are there for us every day. For Miranda's finish they all commented on the finish Live by sending us loads of pictures and chat. And so I more or less had the live experience thanks to them. She looked so happy and that didn't surprise me as the past few weeks have not been easy and I felt she was very stressed so it was great to see her relaxed and happy and de-stressed yesterday. The release at the end of the race is impressive. It happens to me almost every race. It's part of that experience. It shows that the body is capable of pushing to new limits and when you arrive and don't need to take care of the boat anymore, everything just goes slack. These boats are powerful and physical so that's okay. "