Kito, Marc, the Vendée Globe will miss you...

Bruno Retailleau
© Olivier Blanchet / DPPI

These are the first low blows in this 2012-2013 Vendée Globe. We are very sad to see Marc Guillemot and Kito de Pavant leave the race so early. These two great sailing figures are also two very endearing men who did not deserve to bring their dreams back to the port so soon.

Specialists will have technical explanations, they will be needed in their own time. But, on behalf of all Vendée inhabitants and all sailing enthusiasts, I’d like to tell Marc and Kito we are behind them. Cheers to them!

I am sure we will see them again, very soon, on the Sables d’Olonne pontoons, ready to start a new adventure. And when that time comes, we will once again be supporting them!


Bruno Retailleau
President of SAEM Vendée

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