10 January 2013 - 20:06 • 2814 views



Alex Thomson takes third place

At the 1900 GMT ranking Alex Thomson onboard Hugo Boss has slammed dunked into third place. It's difficult to know until the fleet converges at the Equator what the true position of this weather gain will be. He is currently sailing a shorter route, in easier conditions, along the coast of Brazil, whilst Jean Pierre Dick, and the duelling duo at the front are labouring upwind in lighter winds.

The files can be deceptive, and it will be a week, or so, before we see how the leaderboard will juggle with any certainty when the fleet converges and heads into the north Atlantic. We still have the Equator and the Douldrums to cross before the final fate of the race is decided. There is everything to play for and quite frankly anything can happen. Will we have any nails left to chew in the next few weeks? Welcome aboard the race rollercoaster.