23 November 2020


Alex Thomson Details The Damage And Repairs Needed On HUGO BOSS in a Video

In this video just landed Alex Thomson takes us into the front of HUGO BOSS and shows the extent of the damage to the internal longitudinal framing which he is currently repairing. He says he has the materials and a detailed plan and is confident he will be able to continue 

On board

Jérémie Beyou - Charal, 'I am discovering aspects of the sport I did not know about'

Chasing the Vendee Globe fleet after having to restart nine days after the original start, Jérémie Beyou is working hard on Charal 200 miles off the African coast. 

On board

From Miranda Merron (Campagne de France)

Our part of the fleet hit the doldrums yesterday afternon, and we are being treated to the full experience.


Descending the Stairway to..... Heaven or Hell?

Seven miles apart after two weeks of racing, leader Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) and second placed Charlie Dalin (Apivia) gybe in step with each other as they descend a corridor of modest breeze between the two evolving zones of lighter airs, an 800 nautical mile stairway down to the strong winds of the Southern Ocean.

22 November 2020


Update Direct From Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS this evening

Alex Thomson spoke to his team early this Sunday evening to give an update on his thoughts and progress as he seeks to repair a damaged longitidunal frame near the bow of HUGO BOSS.


Alex Thomson Forced To Make Repairs As Leading Duo Extend

British Vendée Globe skipper Alex Thomson has today been forced to slow his HUGO BOSS to a crawl as he attempts to make a technical repair to a longitudinal beam in the bow of his IMOCA 60.

Thomson alerted his team to the problem around 1900hrs TU Saturday evening after a routine inspection raised immediate concerns as he raced south-eastwards towards the Southern Ocean part of the leading trio of boats racing south-eastwards some 850 nautical miles east of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


HUGO BOSS in 'safe position' to repair. Alex Thomson Racing says 'We are confident in his ability to complete the repair."

After notifying Race Direction last night of a structural issue on HUGO BOSS, the Alex Thomson Racing Team, in collaboration have agreed a repair which the solo racer has started to execute this morning while positioned 875 nautical miles east of Rio de Janeiro. The boat has been turned downwind and is drifting at less than four knots. 


Mast Climb For Leader Ruyant

Vendée Globe leader Thomas Ruyant (LInkedOut) had a busy night. Since the start he was lacking a halyard which has been jammed at the top of the mast. So the skipper climbed the 28 metre rig so he can change downwind sails. The LinkedOut skipper had been waiting for several days for the right moment to carry out these important repairs before he descends into the southern latitudes.


A Morning of Mixed Emotions for Isabelle Joschke

It’s a morning of mixed emotions for Isabelle Joschke, who admits enjoying the surfing on her foils and not slamming into the waves, however she is unsettled by the damage sustained to her pushpit that has left her feeling a little unsafe on board.


A Night of Stars, Miranda Merron

A beautiful night full of stars and 10 knots of wind. Doldrums tomorrow night? Who will have read their tea leaves correctly to work out the best point of entry? Whichever way, it is not an area known for good things (apart from the front end of the fleet who were spared), and what's more, it looks like we are going to get punished on the other side with Southeast trade winds that are way more south than east...


Miranda/ Campagne de Franc


Charlie Dalin 'Reliving time in the Doldrums'

Charlie Dalin at 0400hrs TU on the radio call, "I felt like I was reliving time in the Doldrums it was even more bizarre. I got some pretty strange wind variations, sudden changes in direction and force. I really didn't expect that. I had to go through a lot of maneuvers and sail changes. I even got winds from the Northwest, squalls yesterday. This morning, the sea is flatter, there is a beautiful starry sky, it is beautiful "


HUGO BOSS slowed after possible structural issue concern, leaders deal with South Atlantic ‘doldrums’

HUGO BOSS is making slowed speeds SE’wards down the race course early this morning after Alex Thomson’s team last night alerted Race Direction of the Vendée Globe to a possible structural issue on board Thomson’s black and pink IMOCA when it was lying in second place, racing 800 miles east of Rio de Janeiro.


Possible structural problem alert from HUGO BOSS

British skipper Alex Thomson who is racing in second place in the Vendee Globe alerted his team around 1900hrs UTC Saturday 21st November of a possible structural issue onboard the HUGO BOSS boat. 

His team issued a statement Saturday night which confirmed,
"At the time Thomson's position was approximately 800 miles east of Rio de Janeiro in the South Atlantic ocean, and was 13 days into the Vendée Globe round-the-world yacht race. Thomson and his team, together with their appointed naval architects and structural engineers, are now working together to assess the extent of the structural issue and to determine a repair programme and timeline. 

Thomson is safe and well onboard, and in regular dialogue with the team. The Vendée Globe race organisation has been notified and is being kept well informed. 
We kindly ask that members of the public refrain from attempting to contact the team at this time. A further update will be released on Sunday 22nd November." 

21 November 2020


Moving Targets.

The Vendée Globe has a new race leader in Thomas Ruyant on LinkedOut. The solo racer from the north east of France, who for the second successive Vendée Globe, carries the hopes of businesses, supporters and fans from his home region, took over the race lead on this morning’s 0400hrs ranking report. After five days at the top of the race classification Britain’s Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS) is second today at 26.5 nautical miles behind with Charlie Dalin (Apivia) some 64.5 miles behind Ruyant his compatriot.


South Atlantic Weather

We can see a fairly common situation in the South Atlantic. The St Helena high is split in two with an area of low pressure likely to last for a few days, giving enough time for the first group to pass through.


Pushpit lost for Isabelle Joschke on MACSF when sheet block broke

Yesterday evening while she was sailing in 15th position off Brazil in the SE’ly trade winds Isabelle Joschke lost the aft pushpit of her IMOCA MACSF when the gennaker sheet block broke and the sheet pulled away part of the pushpit and some lifelines.


Benjamin Dutreux, OMIA - Water Family 'Damien has got a grip on me'

"I'm having breakfast, müesli with chocolate and I have one egg left! The conditions have been the same for the past three days, so not a very stable wind of around 13-15 knots on the beam. It's between upwind and head on. It's a bit long. We are waiting for it to back and to be able to put up another say, but it is slow coming!

Thomas Ruyant, LinkedOut "I'm happy!"

"I have been having a series of good naps. It is not like long nights of sleep, but it's good, I'm getting a lot of rest. I am not particularly exhausted but am making them ost of it as it is harder to rest during the day. I'm starting to get used to the boat's speed, I sleep with more restfully than at the beginning. You get used to everything.

Maxime Sorel, V and B-Mayenne "I realise how long the race will take"

"Temperatures are starting to drop, humidity levels are lower, it's a bit more bearable at the moment. During the day, it's impossible to sleep inside the boat. I wait until 6pm to go there. I took a nap last night and now I'm having a cup of tea with chocolate Fingers biscuits. I'm going to look at the weather and download the 4 am rankings.


Work To Do, Miranda Merron This Morning



Not much wind and lots of sargasso weed, tenacious stuff which wraps nicely around the leading edge of the keel and rudders and doesn't break. I am getting more practice backing down the boat. The wind has gone into the north, but as I had fallen asleep on the cockpit floor without the wake-up alarm set, I went off course. At least there are no cliffs to hit here!! Radar alarm set, of course, but as there isn't another vessel within range, it hasn't gone off. So saying, I now have a radar target 9 miles away - Alexia perhaps?


Pas beaucoup de vent et beaucoup de sargasses qui enveloppe l'avant de la quiile et des safrans. Ca fait de l'entrainement à faire marche arrière. Le vent est passé assez nord, mais je m'étais endormi dands le fond du cockpit sans le réveil donc écart de route. Au moins il n'y a pas de falaises à prendre par ici!! Le radar ne m'a pas reveillé non plus puisqu'il n'y avait pas de bateau dans le coin. Ceci dit, maintenant je vois un bateau à 9 milles - Alexia peut-être?


To work!


Miranda/ Campagne de France


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