21 February 2021

On board

Sore but determined Alexia Barrier struggling with back injury

Alexia Barrier (TSE-4myplanet) is still suffering from her back injury but is keeping her morale up. She is in regular contact with the race doctor Jean-Yves Chauve and she has already medical appraisals scheduled for her arrival which should be February 27 or 28.

16 November 2020


The Schuss Downhill To The Doldrums

Passing 250 miles west of the Cape Verde islands during last night Alex Thomson has the accelerator down on HUGO BOSS on the fast flight south trying to extend on the Vendée Globe rivals who are chasing him. Flying downwind at average speeds of more than 20kts, HUGO BOSS is more than 75 miles ahead of Jean Le Cam and 139 miles up on third placed Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut)

31 October 2020


Lab Coats And Foul Weather Gear? Vendée Globe skippers help with scientific data gathering

Ten weather data buoys, three Argo floats and three thermosalinographs are the key items of scientific measuring and recording equipment which will be taken by Vendée Globe skippers during this upcoming race.

21 October 2020


Alexia Barrier: ​"Under the step in my cockpit I have the box called the 'Yann Eliès' box"

Alexia Barrier has  her TSE - 4myPlanet firmly tied to the Vendée Globe pontoon and so has already realised one part of her long-standing dream. We met her on board and took time to talk about her happiness, and about her medical kit.

16 September 2020

In brief

New Colours for Alexia Barrier and Clément Giraud

The good news comes in waves as the clock ticks down to the start of the Vendee Globe, Alexia Barrier and Clément Giraud. Within a few days of finalising their registration for the race both solo skippers have announced new partners.

For Alexia Barrier, that new supporting partner is TSE, an independent French solar energy company which will now appear on the Mediterranean sailor's Imoca60 which is now named TSE - 4myplanet.

Meantime Clément Giraud is pleased to reveal his two partners: La Compagnie du Lit, who were sponsors of Stéphane le Diraison four years ago, and Jiliti, who are experts in the maintenance of IT infrastructures and programmes. 


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