Pays de la Loire Region

Open to others through human solidarity, its sense of community and the vitality of its youth; full of regional diversity, unique architectural heritage, varied landscapes and protected from the Loire Valley right up to the shores of the Atlantic; reaching out to the rest of the world through its innovative businesses, centres of excellence and major events: the Pays de la Loire region moves forward with minds wide open.

The men and women of the Pays de la Loire have built their regional, national and international successes by drawing on the best of modernity while retaining their identity.

The huge success of the Vendée Globe is evidence of this ability to believe in the most insane challenges while remaining true to simple values: daring, courage, innovation and team spirit.

In the Pays de la Loire region, getting involved in the Vendée Globe means sharing these values, following a remarkable human adventure and supporting those who have carried the event since its inception.

The Vendée Globe resembles us; it brings us together. On 8 November this year, come and join us in writing a new page of this mythical story in the Pays de la Loire.

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