Les Jardins de Gally

And business becomes fertile!

Les Jardins de Gally cultivates nature in the heart of urban life places: companies, retail, hotels and restaurants and individuals. Plants give life to these spaces, in all forms: indoor plants and landscapes, outdoor gardens and terraces, fruits in the office, but also rental of plants and decorations for events. Design, production, maintenance and even animation: the nature dimension is approached in project mode, to physically embody the values ​​of each organization, over time.

More than ever, we aspire to get closer to the living, to live experiences of nature. Biophilia must move from concept to reality, for our well-being and that of the planet. This is the meaning of our fight: everyone should benefit from nature.

Plants allow organizations to provide the framework for individual development and the creation of collective bonds. We do not decree the quality of life at work, just as we do not pull on a plant to make it grow! Like the gardener, let's create the fertile ground for growth and development: together, let's create a fertile business.

This year again, we are committing ourselves alongside the biggest single-handed race, for an extraordinary collective adventure. After having praised the passion and humility of sailors and gardeners in the face of life and hazards; after a metaphor to warn about the consequences of the melting of permafrost, the 2020 plant scenography pays tribute to IMOCAs and the role of the race in raising awareness of environmental issues.

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