CLS, Official supplier of spatial data to the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe event

Throughout the entire race, CLS will monitor the sailing boats in the 2016 Vendee Globe event. Each boat is equipped with a “MAR YI” tracking and assistance beacon. The beacons regularly transmit a message providing information concerning the boat’s location. Using this tracking system, the race PC can confirm the ranking for each boat, provide the general public with maps, as well as improving the skippers’ safety at sea. In addition to this monitoring system, CLS is providing Vendée Globe with its expertise in processing radar data and modelling ocean currents to detect the presence and direction of icebergs surrounding the Antarctic. To detect the presence of icebergs and predict their drift direction, CLS has developed a solution to detect iceberg populations produced by glaciers in the Antarctic using radar satellite observation data. CLS has been monitoring explorers and adventurers, from skippers like Loïck Peyron, extreme environment explorers like Jean-Louis Etienne or science travellers like Stéphane Lévin. CLS provides them all with the required equipment and continuously monitors their progress.

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