46 years old

Poole (Grande-Bretagne)

Pip Hare discovered solo sailing late, at 35 years old. Not because she hadn’t sailed before – with a 15-year career as a professional skipper behind her, the British skipper has since sailed tens of thousands of miles, including two Mini-Transats and one Transat Jacques Vabre. She has slowly nurtured her Vendée Globe project until just the right time. Inspired by Isabelle Autissier’s books, she dreams of following in the exceptional female skippers footsteps, defining herself as both an adventurer and a racer.

In order to build her campaign with the Vendée Globe, she has taken significant personal risk, using her own private funds to charter Bernard Stamm’s venerable Superbigou and make her campaign a reality. Since then, she has obtained the support of the harbour of Poole and other local partners which allows her to progress through the early stages of the campaign as she works to find a title sponsor. Pip Hare knows that she may not rival the boats on foils and multi-million-euro budgets.  But building this dramatic story of beating the odds to enter and finish this incredible race around the world will be more than enough to make her happy and will undoubtedly capture people’s attention along the way.


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