52 years old

Louvain La Neuve (Belgique)

It’s in 2001 that Denis Weynbergh started thinking of the Vendée Globe. At the time, he was preparing for the Mini-Transat and had told himself he could access other dreams if he came through this initiatory race. But because it meant combining a life off-shore with his businessman life, the Belgian navigator took his time : after the Mini, Class40 enabled him to try out the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre, before approaching his ultimate goal in 2018, when he decided to buy Hungarian Nandor Fa’s boat. His project is to become the first Belgian sailor to finish the Vendée Globe. Other competitors from his country have taken the start, but to date, none has managed to finish. In order to fully commit to this new adventure, Denis Van Weynbergh has sold his company with the objective of sailing as many miles as possible before the next Vendée Globe. With a reliable, tried and tested boat, the additional sailing experience that he gets from his different races, his application is becoming progressively more solid. To enhance his project within his country – which has little maritime culture -, he has partnered with photographer Edouard Janssens to create some artwork from 250 photos of different people’s irises which, combined as one, will form a unique giant iris to cover the sails of his IMOCA. An artistic and collaborative project that should see the world from a different angle…


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