45 years old

Auray (56)

Many people who follow the Vendée Globe had truly regretted that Yann Eliès wouldn’t be taking the start of the 2020 edition. Finally, the three-time winner of the Solitaire du Figaro – a title that he shares with Jean Le Cam, Michel Desjoyeaux, Philippe Poupon and Jérémie Beyou – will be present and, additionally, with a latest generation boat. For this third participation in the Vendée Globe, the sailor from St Brieuc will be able to express all his talent and sail for the final victory. Even though he knows that his late application won’t leave him much time to fine-tune his prototype, Yann Eliès has already proven his resources. In 2009, while still walking with a cane after his terrible accident on the Vendée Globe 2008, he brilliantly won the first race of the Figaro circuit before finishing second on the Solitaire.

Over the years, Yann Eliès has acquired a certainty : without the will to enjoy yourself on the water, there are no results. He always tries to regain his childhood sensations when he sailed around the maze of Bréhat island aboard Morbic, the family boat, looking for a lovely sunset or the perfect trimming of the sails.  This has forged a real balance for the sailor from the Côtes d’Armor which helps him to stay at the top level. But this time round, he will also have the machine for it …


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