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Here is what François Gabart, Jean-Pierre Dick, Alex Thomson and Bertrand de Broc said during the Friday, January 17 live TV show on Vendée Globe TV.

François Gabart (FRA, MACIF):

I’m quite fine, especially regarding the weather forecast. The weather models are now saying the same thing, so it’s great. I hope I won’t have any bad news.

Both on my way down and my way up, my passages through the Doldrums weren’t easy. During the last days I lost some miles, I wasn’t happy. I need to remain focus.

Both the man and the boat are fine. I manage to check out the boat with the smoother conditions. I could rest a bit. Now let go to Les Sables d’Olonne.

I’m very concentrated at the moment, so sometime it’s complicated to speak with the outside world.

I know the race will be hard until the end, the journey remains complicated. Armel is not far away. I’ve done a nice race so far, I’m happy with that and nobody could take that from me. Now, if I win it will be the cherry on the cake.


Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA, Virbac Paprec 3):

Last night was hard. My way in the doldrums was very complicated, I did many manoeuvres. I’m tired because I spent most of my night outside. My mast climbing was also very intense.

Normally the next hours should be better and I hope I’ll be able to rest.

I manage to check out the mast, everything is in order. I hope... Now I’ll be able to use all my sails.

There were great moments before the doldrums. I especially liked the South Atlantic. But the next 15 days will be hard. I’ll have to find the energy and remain focus on my sailing. As for the win, it seems complicated.


Alex Thomson (GB, Hugo Boss):

It’s the 15th times I crossed the equator, so I don’t celebrate it anymore. I shouldn’t be affected by the doldrums. It was hard for François but thankfully for me it seems alright.

My objective is to finish, come third and arrive before day 80 in Les Sables d’Olonne.

(Full interview here)


Bertrand de Broc (FRA, Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projects):

The weather conditions are excellent. Clear blue sky, nice sea, 23 knots of wind. I really enjoy my sailing at the moment, being at the helm. Tomorrow should be a great day too.

Yesterday I congratulate Alessandro for his second Cape Horn crossing. He is doing an amazing job since the beginning

The game is not over, I know Armel well, and he won’t give up.