Vendée Globe LIVE TV interviews: "I try not to be influenced by Armel"

L'iceberg de Bertrand de Broc
© Bertrand de Broc / Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projets

François Gabart (FRA, Macif):

I’m quite fine. I’m sailing at 25 knots. We just passed the New Zealand Gate, about 2 hours ago. The conditions are better than before.

It’s dark outside. I could see the moon for a little while.

We know we have to be careful. I’m sailing at the right rhythm I think. I try not to be influenced by Armel, even if he is very close to me. On the ranking we are very close, but we don’t see each other that often. It’s very interesting for us because we can compare our speeds. It’s a great source of information.


Bertrand de Broc (FRA, Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projects)

I’m fine, nice weather, 20 knots. Great conditions to do a great sailing. I started some repairs yesterday. I’m happy with it. I did the hydros, the gennaker. I also did some repairs at the front on the bowsprit. The manoeuvres were a little dangerous, but it’s done. My list is getting shorter, it’s great.

I hope my morning joke made you laugh. I miss a little bit the icebergs; it was part of the Vendée Globe decor. But looking at the security it’s better to have ice gates. We can sleep better.


Jean Le Cam (FRA, SynerCiel)

I don’t sail as fast as I would like but I’m OK. I’m not very happy with my speed. But I manage to go far away from Mike. I should do the difference now. I think Mike has a problem with his sails because it’s not possible to sail like he does with the current directions. When you see Dominique, he is doing much better. So it should be something with Mike.

The boat is doing well. I didn’t do that much repairs, so it’s nice. But I still feel like an old man because of my little injury.

Everybody has been breaking my balls before the start (about my hair) but I won’t go to the haircutter it’s like that. I’ll do some pigtails before my arrival in Les Sables.


Karine Fauconnier (FR, Sailor):

I’m very impressed with the guys. In the Southern Oceans, the skippers are doing great. We have multihull speeds at the moment. I won’t be surprised if the 80 days are beaten.

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