The Latest Quotes From Marc Guillemot

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© Olivier Blanchet / DPPI

On whether there will be a speed ​​record:

"Ninety days is extraordinary. This is the time it took Bruno Peyron's maxi-catamaran on the Jules Verne Trophy twenty years ago. Now, I prefer to go for more than 84 days, as long as I'm in front of others.”

 On his second Vendée Globe:

"After getting back four years ago, I thought what I had experienced on the Vendée Globe was everything I was not looking for. This time, I really want to eliminate all the uncertainties that marked my first attempt. '

On whether it is a competition or an adventure:

"We're competitors, this is obvious. But we all need to dream. But it’s important not to focus on your time compared to others. You have to to do your own race, that's all."

On foresight:

"I take a tuna line that weighs 400g. People may laugh at me, but I could well be glad of it if I have damage that forces me to stay out there longer than expected.”

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The first three competitors are already moored up at the Vendée Globe pontoon. They are Nandor Fa, Rich Wilson and Arnaud Boissières
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