Skippers 2016

List of the 27 sailors registered

The 27 registered are the first 27 skippers chronologically to have completed the administrative process. They have, for those who haven’t yet done so, to complete the sailing part of their registration, they need to qualify at sea before 1st October 2016 and obtain a certificate confirming their boat conforms to IMOCA class rules applying to the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe by 30th September 2016.

Waiting list

The waiting list will bring together skippers, who administratively registered after the first 27 and who have completed the sailing requirements of the registration process. They will be allowed to join the list of 27, when a place is freed up on the list of 27 after a skipper stands down or is unable to complete the sailing part of his registration. This is the case for Nicolas Boidevézi who, having taken the decision to withdraw, has freed up the place of 14th entry.

Waiting list under process.

Ongoing sailing requirements

This list brings together the skippers, who are administratively registered, but have not yet fulfilled the sailing requirements. They will be able to join the waiting list once they have completed the sailing requirements.

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