Virtual Regatta :Heading towards Cape Verde

Some have pinned their colours to the mast, others are still waiting and wondering. For the head of the race, still glued to the tip of Africa and Dakar they are committed to the eastern route past Cape Verde. For others, west of the Cape Verde is still an option, or even a route through the middle of the archipelago.


The first trio is still composed of Kerbebe, Axelou Furtif and Traban155 TPN, followed closely by Tagada50, Axel29 Furtif and patdepp. For them the choice is not an issue ... but the rest of the fleet is spread out in search of the best downhill lane. At the heart of the fleet, at latitude 25 ° 30 ' LysNoir TPN leads the way, and many skippers in this area are currently limited to 195 ° West in anticipation of an area that could be difficult to negotiate south of Cape Verde.  Sirène du Zéphyr and File ou Passe  are well positioned here. Finally, to the west (at 26 ° 30 ') the Hurricane’s group continue to make significan gains as expected.

Now the strategies are almost played out for this small part of the race and the choice of routes will diminish until the approach of St. Helena. In the meantime, the navigation can become relatively simple as the fleet takes the long descent to the South.

That is, of course, unless the wind takes an unexpected turn and reshuffles the cards ...

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