The Doldrums do what the Doldrums do best


Suffice to say that the leaders have not made ​​much progress, and although they still retain a comfortable lead in miles, now that lead will start to melt away. Boats further west will be the first to benefit from the Southeast winds stabilising in the equatorial zone.

We thus find the leader, Axelou furtiv pinned against the coast of Liberia in very light winds. He is sharing this misery with Italian Mondello amongst others!

On the west side, however, the wind gods have regained some strength and the fight is on to take best advantage of the good warm wind corridor by maximising the shifts. Here we find julie ma chérie, aCYTOO, Vertige Normand and Drakon Fire at the heart of the fray, then the group lead by LysNoirTPN and Cofreno while Nicopipo, Goodjhony STB, Yudo Danfers, Coconeuil and Mala Rava Potatoes are trying for the most direct route south.

In short, jostling for position and finding the best way through to Saint Helena, now on the horizon, should be occupying the thoughts of all contenders.

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The first three competitors are already moored up at the Vendée Globe pontoon. They are Nandor Fa, Rich Wilson and Arnaud Boissières
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